Sunday, July 30, 2017

Girls Weekend!

Just after the 4th of July a few of us girls had a weekend getaway!  Girl time is always fun and a whole weekend away makes it even more fun.  We left on Friday and made our way to Beaufort, SC. We had spent some time in Beaufort in May on vacation so I was excited to be back.  On Friday we found our house and got settled in.  The house was super cute and the street it was on made it even cuter.  I love beach towns and to me that is what this place screamed.  The trees lining the street were so pretty and the house had 2 big porches that were so relaxing to sit on.  Dawn and I got lucky and got the bedroom that led out to the upstairs porch so we would sit out on it at night and listen to the frogs and crickets!  Another summer love!  On Friday afternoon we all headed to downtown Beaufort to walk around the shops and eat.   Our eating experience wasn't the best but we had fun laughing and talking so that always helps.

Saturday we did a morning kayak tour.  This was so much fun!  We went through the marshes and saw several old houses that sit right on the water.  Our guide would point out the ones where movies had been filmed.  Several movies have been filmed in Beaufort and in the close areas surrounding.  The big one being Forrest Gump.

This is the bridge that Forrest ran across in Forrest Gump

We drove to get a closer look at some of these beautiful old homes in town.  One is known as "the Castle".  It is said to be haunted!  Now a jeweler from NYC owns the home.  It is beautiful!

After lunch we headed to Hunting Island State park for some beach time.  When we had been here earlier in May the park was still closed due to damage and flooding from Hurricane Matthew.  It was supposed to open while we were there but didn't.  We were a little disappointed so I was glad that the park was open on this trip.  There is a lighthouse on the island and then a beach area.  All of us moms didn't know what to do with ourselves without children to watch!

That night we ordered in and relaxed!  We played games and laughed and just enjoyed some fun girl time! Sunday morning we were up getting ready to leave.  We went back into Beaufort for brunch.  I mean shrimp and grits is good any time of the day!  After brunch we did a little exploring at some old ruins and at Fort Fremont.

Our first stop was the Chapel of Ease at Saint Helena.  We were also told that history books are now being re-written because Saint Helena is now being considered the very first settlement instead of Jamestown.  These ruins are just beautiful.  The graves we saw were a lot of small children which is sad to see.  Something about these grave sites though are so intriguing because they are so old and it makes you wonder about how life was like so many years ago.

I didn't have any good pictures from Fort Fremont. We did make the comment that our kids would have loved playing there and running in and out of the fort.   Our second ruins site was Sheldon Church.  These were so pretty!  You can see I kept taking pictures from all different angles.  Weddings are now held here.  I know it was probably devastating at the time that this church burned but the ruins that are left are even more beautiful to me.  We saw several graves at this site too.

It was such a fun weekend and we really enjoyed our little getaway.  A quick trip but just enough for us all to reenergize and get back to our babies!

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