Saturday, August 12, 2017

Amelia Island 2017

We ended our summer break with one of the best beach vacations!  This year we went back to our favorite beach, Amelia Island.  We love it there so much and look forward to getting away there any chance we can get.  This year was a special trip because we had friends going at the same time we were and we didn't even go into our vacations planning it that way.  It could not have worked out any better though and we all had the BEST time together.  We were all going to be there Saturday to Saturday except Blake and Kasey and they were leaving on Tuesday.  The kids all had a ball together and they played, dug holes, boogie boarded, found periwinkles and any other animal they could find (Kate), swam and so much more.  I think we enjoyed everything so much because there was never a moment the kids and us weren't entertained!
We left early Saturday morning, had our vacation breakfast at Jim's Grill, and drove down to Florida. We made a grocery run on the way in and when we got to the condo the kids were so excited.  They kept asking if their friends had made it.  I think we were all very close at arriving at the same time.  It was getting close to supper time so we decided to drive into downtown Fernindina and have pizza at Arte Pizza.  This was a new restaurant for us to try and we loved it!  The Madden's met us there and we all celebrated our first night at the beach and all the fun we were looking forward to having!  After dinner we headed back to get everything settled in and then headed down to the beach.  We met up with Blake, Kasey, Taylor and Gavin down there and played for a bit.  It was already such a fun time!

Sunday we began our week which was full of fun on the beach.  We would sleep in, enjoy some down time in the morning then pack our lunch and head to the beach.  Since we would be later in the morning going down on the beach we would pack sandwiches and snacks.  The kids would play and play and never once got bored, complained or whined.  They enjoyed each other so much.  The first day they began building castles and digging holes and would spend so much time getting them just right.

starting their hole

Bryce took a nap in my lap the first day.  I loved snuggling with my baby!

down deep!

Monday night we went to eat downtown again.  This time we went with the Madden's and Blake & Kasey.  Party of 16!  We all went to the Salty Pelican and it was so good.  It has become our favorite place.  

The next few days were a lot like the others.  Beach, beach, and more beach!  Brock & Paula came down on Monday so it was nice having them there.  We even had early morning walks twice.
Ella Grace helped Bryce "surf" on his boogie board.  In between waves she would draw him shapes to make sure he knew them!  He walked around with that board so much that day. 

We did have pool time too...Cohen thought she would be funny & go under for the picture.

Bryce loved Brody!  He would watch Brody swim under the waves and here he was showing him that he could go under too!

Kate lost her first top tooth at the beach!  She did not put this tooth under her pillow all week though.  She waited until we came home.  

Bryce was wore out each afternoon.  Here we are at dinner and he is snoozing away.

On our way to Putt Putt!  Having a little Snapchat fun.

Kate saw real quick that she could find frogs at night.  They loved being in the flowers and had little holes dug there.  One night she and Davis had 5 or 6 frogs in their bucket in a matter of minutes.

Walking just after sunrise

Stacey can read and fish!

One awesome group of friends!!

We saw so many small lizards everywhere.  Well what does Kate do...catch them.  This little guy was her play toy on the beach.  She would tell me he was napping and sure enough he would be alive but I know by the time she was finished playing with him the poor lizard had seen his better days.

sand is so fun!

all of the sweet kiddos!  

On our last day we all went bike riding together.  We explored down at American beach and then saw some pretty houses.  I think we all found one we would gladly live in!

After our bike ride we had to get in as much pool and beach time as possible.  The kids (& Jeremy)  had a little boogie board fun in the pool.

Kate decided to give this turtle a ride on her boogie board!  If there is an animal around she will find it!

Our last night getting ice cream!  We loved our ice cream nights.  Bryce wanted to hold Kade's hand for the picture!
  I love it! 

Friday night, after ice cream,  the boys were doing a little night fishing.  Bryce decided to take a turn holding the rod.  

 Saturday we were up and out.  It was so sad to leave, especially after a week of relaxing fun with family and friends.  It was just so much fun the entire time.  I think we all need to go ahead and make our reservations for 2018!
Bryce would scream "Tuttle" every time we walked to the elevator and passed this turtle in the rocks.  I had to get his picture so we could remember this!

One last group shot!
 One our way home we decided to have lunch at one of our favorite spots...Cade's Home Cooking in Washington, GA.  We have made a couple of stops here over the last few years.  It is so good!  We always like to stop any time we are passing through at a meal time!   It is worth it!  A great way to end a great vacation!

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