Thursday, April 27, 2017

Soccer Season!

We are still going strong with Kate and soccer.  She is winding down her spring season and has had the best time playing.  She was so excited when soccer finally started!  She tells me "Mama, soccer is my thing."  I sure do enjoy watching her too!  Next week will be her last game and I sure haven't taken pictures at every game but I did take my camera to the soccer fields at the start of the season to get some good action shots of her.  The coach is pretty cute too but I didn't take too many of him :)
Here's a little funny note...about the 2nd or 3rd game into the season we realized there was a typo on the kid's jerseys.  Looks like northeast was misspelled!  Yikes! These are some cute cute soccer players though so no one probably noticed at all.  Go Lions!

Bryce has taken his own soccer ball to some of the games and here is smiling for his soccer picture too.  Just think, next spring he will be able to play!

 Kate has become super shy when it comes to getting attention or being in the spotlight.  She does not like people looking at her even if it is in a good way.  I'm hoping she out grows that a little.  Here she had just scored a goal and was doing everything possible to keep from smiling!

These 2 couldn't wait to head to the concession stand for snacks with Denny!

another Goal!

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