Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Life with a 2 1/2 year old BOY

Its been a while since I've did a blog post on Bryce.  It was so easy with monthly updates but after a while those stop and really that is when the fun begins.  Bryce is now 2 1/2 (which I have a hard time believing).  My baby is quickly growing up!  He is such a precious boy.  Bryce talks non-stop and never meets a stranger, he is all BOY, and is constantly active.  He loves anything that has a motor in it!  He always talks about lawn mowers, monster trucks, tractors, motorcycles, airplanes, chainsaws, weed eaters, excavators, bulldozers, you name it!  He is also addicted to You Tube videos that show all of these machines.  His favorite is Blippi and he has watched him so much he can spell Blippi's name.  Technology is such a blessing and curse at the same time!   He can be kept occupied, which is how I can get through the grocery store, or any store really, but then he will pitch an all out fit when I take the phone or iPad from him.  Each day is like a new adventure with him.  He loves to spend his days playing with his trucks, or watching monster trucks.  He loves to go to Sug and Pop's house, Suzy's house, and Bebe's house.  He loves truck rides in Pop's truck, he loves to jump on Suzy's trampoline where Denny can give him some good bounces, and he loves to play with Bebe's tractors, and go sit on her lawn mower!  If he could live outside he would!  These rainy days inside are a struggle for us.  He loves to blow bubbles too!  Bryce still loves to spend his mornings at Burger King with Suzy and Denny and the entire BK crew that meets for breakfast.  He has been a hit I believe with them too!  Recently Bryce has a new love of going to the cattle barn.  Each Tuesday when they have the sale he wants to go see the cows and bulls.   Since turning 2 he has really learned to defend himself pretty good.  He has 2 big sisters who have thought they had the upper hand on him but I'm not so sure.  He can hold his own.  He went through a biting stage there for a while but that has slowed down a little.  I never know what he may be into next and if the house gets quiet for a long time period I have to really start checking things out.  Of course he is quick to come show me any mess he makes.  He keeps me laughing and I couldn't imagine my life without him for sure!  It has been so much fun having a little boy.  Around December Bryce just gave his paci up.  He did this all on his own and I would have never imagined that he would have done that so easily.  He was so attached to  it.  It was about this time though that we started having trouble putting him to bed at night.  He still is a terror to put to bed at night.  He cries and cries and since he can get out of his bed and open the door it is just no fun at all.  He also doesn't like to nap and unless we are in the car it is hard to get him to give in and lay down.  I am not ready for him to give up his nap and he really needs it so this has been a bump in the road for us.
I have so many random pictures to share of him over these last few months.  He really is so unbelievably smart!  This child can remember and associate better than I could imagine.  He really impresses me all the time.  (and not just because I'm his mama!)

This boy loves his goggles!
 One of his many messes...he's always trying to get snacks.  On this day it was white chocolate chips!

Bryce decided to eat dinner in his hat and sunglasses...having sisters means playing in all their sunglasses!

Dressing up in his hat and his sister's shoes!
Our kids have all been spoiled by their Pop!  He has always taken them into his office after church and in his top drawer he keeps candy and treats for them.  On this day, it was during the week and Bryce took off into Pop's office looking for some candy!

This is how I found him after his nap...Thank goodness no mess was made!

Bryce will love on a baby doll every once in a while too.  This was in the nursery one Sunday.  Lizzy sent me a picture of Bryce with his "baby".

Bryce loves to go to the grocery store.  We love it now that our local grocery store has little carts so Bryce has his own.   You do have to keep a watch on him though or there will be several extra items that you don't need!

he loves wearing Denny's hats!  Mr. Harry gave him one so he is now like all the other men!

Bryce started crying for me one morning and when I got to him he was showing me that his car was all tangled in his hair!  He wrapped it up good, we had to cut it out.  And speaking of hair cuts, we have just recently had his first hair cut that he did not cry at, wore the cape and sat by himself!  That was a score!

Bryce loves jumping on the trampoline and on this particular day his hair was going everywhere!

Taking after big sister, Kate and showing love for the Old Navy mannequins, really just the dog!

This week Bryce came to me showing me how he had colored his "wegs".  He was so proud of himself and loved his rainbow hand!  It has taken several scrubs to get this off!

I could sit her all day and list out all of the things Bryce loves.  He just loves life!  He is so happy almost all the time, with an occasional temper tantrum thrown in there!  He loves people and loves to talk to them.  He loves his family and we all love him!  He has completed our family and we are so thankful for all of the adventures we have with Bryce.

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