Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Easter 2017

Life has just been so crazy busy lately that I have been absent on the blog!  I may have said it before but the end of the school year is so hectic, it is probably as bad or worse than the Christmas season.  April and May seem to be on the go months for us.  The girls have activities going on, the weekends are busy, and all that fun stuff!  Apparently I never did my Easter post so I'm having to go back and do some catching up.  Easter was beautiful this year!  I love it when it is warm on Easter and we don't have to shiver in our springy dresses.  This year we enjoyed egg hunts at church and with our family, ate until we couldn't put one more thing in our mouths, and just enjoyed the day.   Its a busy one going from place to place but we enjoyed it so much and celebrating our Risen Savior is something to enjoy rain or shine!
Easter morning the kids were up to see what was in their Easter baskets.  We then got ready and headed to church for breakfast and fellowship.  We always love getting a family picture at the cross with all of the pretty flowers.  After church the kids were divided into their age groups and did their egg hunt, or egg pick up.  They loved it and Bryce was really getting the hang of putting eggs in his basket.  Kate loves Easter egg hunts and has even requested a few throughout the year when it isn't actually Easter.  She gets that honest I have to admit.

2 of my all time favorites

Cohen & Avery

Ready to hunt eggs!

Our annual picture is now a car selfie
After church we headed to Athens to Nana's.  The kids had more egg hunts there and we had a great afternoon with our family.

The joy & happiness on his face in these pictures made me melt!  He loved it and once again I just wanted to freeze him!

Kate & her cousin Tate were having fun egg hunting

Kate got a lift from Uncle Davis finding a high egg

Egg hunts are fun and Kate loves them, but when she finds a ladybug she is all about that ladybug and nothing else.  I mean is there anything that this child likes more than a bug, animal, etc...?

After we left Nana's, we headed back to Carnesville to have Easter with my side of the family.   This year we did things a little different and had our Easter at the city park in Carnesville.  It was such a nice day thank goodness.  We really had fun and enjoyed everything.  The kids had a playground to play on, we had a great place to hide eggs, it was all so nice.  I got this cute picture of Bebe and all her grandkids, and me with my grown up nephews!  How handsome are they?!  But time can really slow down just a tad!  It was a great ending to a great day.

We had a lot of fun leading up to Easter that I'll sum up right here.   Of course we had to dye eggs at home and at school.  These eggs we did at home were emoji eggs.  How fitting for today's times!   Everything is all about an emoji!

We also made resurrection buns a couple of times.  Here Kate, Nolan, and Bryce are getting into it!

Miss Margaret came to the school to read to the kids and to do the bunny hop.  Since Bryce and I happened to be there that day he got to listen and hop too.  She is so special to our family so we had to have a picture!

After the bunny hop it was time to dye eggs in the classroom.  Bryce really wanted to help Kate with her eggs and was getting into it!

Easter is so much fun! 

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