Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Winter Fun

When 2017 started we had a short window that actually brought some cold days.  Right before Cohen started back to school we took the kids ice skating.  That was one thing she wanted to do before her break was over.  We also had friends going that same day so it worked out great.  We didn't realize this was the last day for indoor skating so the rink was pretty crowded.  Bryce was in heaven sitting on his seal being pushed around.  As long as you would push him fast, he was happy to sit.  If you ever slowed down he would try to get off which wasn't good at all!    Kate loved being pushed as well but she did get off and push the seal herself and she did a great job staying up.  Cohen, the one who wanted to skate so bad, was over it by an hour in.   The crowded rink turned her off.  We got this one thing checked off our list though!

The whole group minus Kelly

Kate was more excited about this land sloth exhibit than the ice skating

That weekend was the big snowpocolypse of 2017.  In typical Georgia snow fashion we were supposed to get 2-4 inches and got a slight dusting.  The kids were excited to have something to play in so we did go out and play in the little we had.  I guess we will continue to hold out for the big one. Right now as I type its in the 70's so I'm not going to hold my breath!

You can always find Kate near the animals!

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