Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 2016

These last few weeks are all blurred together but we had a great Christmas!  The girls have really enjoyed their break and other than some sickness that showed up unwanted, we have enjoyed every minute.  From playdates, Christmas, and New Years,  etc...we ended 2016 with fun fun fun!  Lets rewind a little back to the highlight of December-Christmas!
On Friday the 23, Cohen went with her friend Brooke to see the movie Sing.  Kate really wanted to see it too so I decided to go and take her and we actually were able to meet up with her little cousin Kylie.  The movie was really cute and both girls loved it.  Later that night we had a family Christmas dinner with the Haley family.  I didn't get any pictures but we sure had a fun time with everyone.

Our Christmas Eve is always pretty low key during the day.  We get to soak up all of the last minutes before Christmas.  I always feel like December is so much fun leading up to Christmas and I always get a little sad thinking that it is about to be over.  Since Christmas fell on Sunday and we would be at church during the morning we decided to have a Christmas Eve breakfast at Bebe's house.   Cohen was sad thinking we might miss out on such a good breakfast so we moved it up a morning and it was delicious!  That day I let the girls attempt a gingerbread house but it didn't turn out so well!  The kids got to play,  Dawn & I had a good long run, and we just enjoyed the day.  That afternoon we went ahead and put out reindeer food before heading to church for Christmas Eve service.  We always eat at Sug & Pop's house after church and Sug always does the BEST meal.  Pop reads and we just have the best time.  We were missing Aunt Vicki and my Mama this year.  The girls were pretty anxious to get home and go to bed by about 8:30.  We were tracking Santa and they were so ready to be asleep so he could come.  It makes me love everything so much watching their excitement.
Before the house collapsed...

 Christmas Eve!  Even got a picture with "black dog"(he took up here in 2016!)

"Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Even with all their anxiety the girls didn't wake up too too early.  It was about 7:00.  We got everyone up and ready and took them into the living room.  Their expressions (excluding Bryce who was not into any of it) were priceless.  Cohen couldn't believe Santa brought her a hoverboard, Kate was over the moon about all her animals, especially her german shepard, and Bryce finally got excited seeing his chainsaw!

We spent our morning enjoying Santa stuff then got ready to head to church to celebrate the reason for the day...our Savior's birthday!  We left church and had lunch with Sug & Pop.  We came back from lunch and had some down time.  We even had time for a nap (*gasp*).  Christmas night we spent with my family at Mama's.  I loved not being rushed here and there for the entire day.  My children enjoyed their new toys and once again...a nap!!

Monday was a busier day for us.  We had Christmas with Sug & Pop and then had Christmas in Gainesville with Grannie, Papa, Aunt Vicki, and Aunt Danette.  Bryce started to get a little interested in opening gifts but not much.  He liked what would be inside but had no desire to rip into a present.  We had a great Christmas and I am still sad to see it go.  

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