Monday, May 9, 2016

Wrapping Up Baton Competitions and Soccer!

We start baton competitions each year in March if not February and we are at it until early May.  This year the competitions were every other weekend.  It is actually so sad when we finish because we get used to spending our weekends with our fun baton family!  Cohen had her last competition last weekend unless we find some others to do soon;)!  And while competitions do stop for a bit, the practice doesn't!  She will be working hard for next year's competitions.  I had posted about our first few competitions so here are pictures from the last 3 we went to and a recap of her awards.  Cohen had quite the learning year this year.  She moved up to a higher age group and to say it had its tough moments would be an understatement.  Its hard to go from being the oldest to the youngest.  That sometimes makes the wins more appreciated though and she can definitely see how much hard work can pay off. Cohen continues to improve so much though and I'm so proud of all she has accomplished and her improvements.  I know she has another title win on her mind because she wants to compete for that big title at nationals!
Miss Majorette of Georgia:
3rd place open strut
4th place open solo
3rd place 2-baton

Two weeks later we were competing back in Athens at Miss Premier Preformance.  Cohen got sick Thursday of that week running a fever of 103!  I just knew we would not be able to compete.  Saturday morning at 5:00 am she was in my room complaining with her head still hurting.  I gave her medicine and she went back to sleep and when she woke up she told me she felt much better and wanted to go to competition.  She wanted to twirl so bad and she did!  She had a great day too!
Miss Premier Performance All-Around title WINNER! (solo, strut, 2-baton)
2nd place Miss Premier Title (model, solo, strut)
1st place open solo
2nd place open strut
2nd place 2 baton

 Our last competition for this year was the Spring Jam competition in Anderson.  Cohen was lucky because a lot of her family was able to come watch her for this competition.  Baton competitions can be long days so it means a lot when friends and family come sit and watch!
1st place-solo
1st place-2 baton
2nd place-model queen
4th place strut

Our friends Jarrett and Hazel have came to Cohen's Anderson competition every year!  They are so sweet to come sit and watch her and we love getting to sit and visit with them.  This year they have their own sweet little girl and I loved getting some love from sweet Poppy!  After the competition we all went out and hung out more.  It was even more fun catching up outside of they gym :)

Coach Lexey was giving Cohen a pep talk!

Bryce got some love from Poppy too!  He loves the ladies :)

When you try to get a picture of all 3 kids...this is what you get.   Bryce running away, Kate grabbing him, and Cohen smiling

Because Cohen was the solo winner in the 7-9 age group she got to participate in the twirl off.  All of the age group winners twirl off for one winner.

Savannah was there watching Cohen and I got this picture...Cohen putting lipstick on her.  I know we will put this one up and pull it out one day when these cousins are all grown up!

Part of Cohen's cheering section!
What a fun year we've had and look forward to more fun!!

While Cohen was having her competition, Kate was finishing up spring soccer.  She has had such a fun season too!  Kelly coached her team again and this year they were the Bulldogs!  She had several goals throughout the season and continues to be our little sporty girl.  I love watching her in action and I hated that I had to miss her last 2 games.  If I could clone this girls' attitude about everything in life I would.  She tries so hard and has fun in everything.  We will be looking forward to more soccer fun in the fall!

Best Friends (and cousins)!  Kate loved having Addison on her team

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