Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cleaning off my Phone!

I am so far behind on my blogging so in an attempt to get caught up, this is going to be a post with a lot of random pictures that have been on my phone.  Four months of random pictures or maybe just 3...
One Sunday we were eating lunch with Sug and Pop and saw a turtle going down their driveway.  Being the animal lover that Kate is she quickly headed out to take a look.  Pop fixed her a box and soon the turtle was headed home with us.  She was so excited to show her friends at school.  After doing a little research I found that it might be best to release them where you found them and I know in my mind I thought this turtle might actually have a home sooooo we gave the turtle back to Sug and Pop and Sug put it back in the driveway where we now assume it has went back home.  Kate sure got a kick out of showing it off though!

At preschool Kate also studied about bears hibernating and the kids got to bring a bear to school to put in the cave to hibernate.
 This also happened to be an early release day for weather so Dawn and I took the kids to Mcdonalds for lunch.  Kate's love for vanilla ice cream is almost as much as her love for animals and way messier!

During the girls' dentist appointments I got a kick out of both of them standing over each other getting a good glimpse at what was going on.  Kate was more interested in playing with the dental tools though.  I think she was so tempted to put it to use while Cohen was getting her teeth cleaned!

 I love the time I have home with the kids and it really is the little things we do that can mean the most to them.  Kate has a million stuffed animals and on this particular day we had to take turns burying each other in them.

 Bebe turned 65 this year and of course we loved celebrating her.  Here she is with her grand babies!  

Bryce and I have some fun together at home too!  He is quite the little handful these days and definitely keeps me on my toes.  He loves to sit in the sink while I put on my makeup.  I love that smile!

 He also loves to get right in the middle of his sisters and their friends.  This particular morning he was having fun with the girls!

Kelly is always great to have Daddy/Daughter dates with his girls.  He loves to make them feel extra special and have a night to do just what they want to do and eat where they want to eat.  He does this one on one with them too.  This was from his first date night with Kate.  They ate Chinese and saw Kung Fu Panda 3.

The kids got to have some fun celebrating with their cousin David at his birthday party.  Mickey Mouse is always a hit.  Bryce will actually sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse some mornings which is a plus if I need to get some things done, like a shower!  Who knew what a luxury it was?!

Bryce has an obsession with belly buttons and here he was about to find Nanny's

Cohen is all about all things girly right now.  Makeup, nail polish, you name it!  Here she is getting ready to paint my nails and do Kate's nails.

Silly Kate
 Kate later fell asleep in our bed (something she loves to do) and she definitely made herself comfy!

Random play fun!

At the end of March spring soccer started back.  Kate is our little soccer player and I LOVE to watch her play.  Here we are at her first practice of the season.  Even Bryce wanted in on the action before everyone got there.  He LOVES a ball and kicking it is even better.
 These sweet girls showed up dressed alike.  They have played together since day 1!  This year they actually had to move up a league even though they both are still 4.  No doubt they handled it well!  Sweet girls!

 Bryce loves to be a helper even being so little.  When we leave the house and have to put Dooley in his crate, he loves to give him the dog bone.  I'm already feeling the dog bone obsession coming on like Kate had.  He sometimes likes to tease Dooley and this day he had found one in the back of his little truck.  Dooley was anxious to get it!

We love taking golf cart rides!  Bryce will point and say "gol car".  He has Mama's heart for sure!

Play time at Suzy's

More fun at soccer practice

Both girls got to be in a small fashion show at Belk's.  They really enjoyed it, especially Cohen!  Kate did do it and was a little more shy.

Bryce has to have the world's fastest growing hair and he isn't a fan of haircuts!  Recently he was rocking the man bun one afternoon!  We did get a trim right after this picture and he did a little better with it.  I think he is already needing another one and its only been a month max!

Mommy cut her hair short and Bryce was needing a cut too!

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