Monday, May 9, 2016

Preschool Fun-Strawberry Patch Field Trip and an Early Birthday Party

The end of the year gets so crazy! SO much going on, I can only compare it to the holidays!  It is so much fun but extremely hard to keep up with everything.  A couple of weeks ago Kate had her class field trip to the strawberry patch.  The class goes to Sunny Hill to see all the greenhouses and plants and then to pick strawberries.  I think they all really enjoyed it, especially sampling a few berries while they picked.  Kate had her cup filled as full as she could get it and would eat a few only to go replace them.  I don't think the cup lasted very long in our house!  We will have to make another trip of our own to get more!

Bryce had to tag along too and he was fascinated with the little strawberries growing.

Kate also got to celebrate her birthday a little early that week at school.  Having a summer birthday means celebrating early since she won't be there on her actual day.  I don't think it bothered her one bit!  I brought her snack request-ice cream sandwiches and Cheetos.  Mrs. Lori is so sweet to get the kids a birthday present and Kate was so excited!  Who doesn't love presents?!  She got a horse puzzle that lets you decorate different horses and if you know Kate you know that is right up her alley.  We have spent a lot of time making those horses and she LOVES it!  We love Mrs. Lori and its going to be sad to leave her class.  Kate has been with her for 2 years so she is definitely going to miss her!

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