Monday, May 23, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Now that our summer has begun I'm trying to do a little blog catch up.  The end of the year gives the word busy its meaning!  Among all of the craziness was Mother's Day and I enjoyed my day with my sweet babies and family!  One of the greatest things that ever happened to me was becoming a mother and I love my 3 so so much!  I also love my own Mama and my mother-in-law!  I was glad to celebrate the day with all of them.
Children can always put excitement in life and Bryce decided he wanted to start the day off that way. He is always up at the crack of dawn it feels like.  We were still being lazy before we started getting everyone ready for church when Kate came to me and said, "Mama come see what Brycee has done all in his floor."  He had just been sick the days leading up to Mother's day with a stomach bug so I just knew we were going to walk into a mess and we did but after a closer look I realized this was not throw up.   Bryce had been into the pantry, pulled out a box of bread crumbs and made this wonderful mess.  Since it was Mother's Day, Daddy gladly cleaned it up and it wasn't too bad but I can just tell you this is a glimpse of how Bryce can always keep us on our toes!

After church we had lunch at Sug & Pop's house.  The first thing Bryce said was "pop tuck".  He is always wanting to ride in Pop's truck and Pop is always happy to take him!

My Mama was actually sick on Mother's Day from the same awful stomach bug that Bryce had.  I hated that we didn't get to get together as a family for her but we will do it later.  We did go visit with her since she was recuperating but just wasn't ready for a big dinner!  We then spent the rest of the night at home grilling out.  The Hubs and kids had given me a new swing for my back porch which I was so excited about.  I can't wait to enjoy it all summer!

Getting a picture with all 3 proved to be quite the task!

Cohen had made a "mom book" at school and it gave me a few laughs.  It was so cute and I love when they make these types of books.  I loved that she thought I was as pretty as Carrie Underwood, and as tired as a sloth!   I love my girl!  I am so thankful to be the Mommy to all 3 of them!

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