Saturday, November 22, 2014

Kate's Thanksgiving Feast

Friday was Kate's Thanksgiving program and feast at preschool.  She was such a cute little Indian!  The 3 year olds are the Indians, while the 4 year olds are the pilgrims and 2 year olds are turkeys.  They all did such a good job singing.  I feel like it was just yesterday when Cohen was a little Indian up there singing.  When Kate saw us as she was walking in she was all smiles.  She would watch us and smile as she sang.   She is a little bit more shy than you would think but she did sing her songs.  She has been singing them for me in the car and since I know them all from teaching up there it has been fun to sing them with her.  After they finished singing she couldn't get her costume off fast enough.  I had to do some bribing just to get a picture!  She was really fascinated with her little drum she made and kept wanting to open the top of it to see what was inside.  She is such a mess, I just love her fun personality!  The feast was delicious and I enjoyed finding her crafts.  She was thankful for "mommy and daddy".  And I can tell you that we are both so thankful for her as well!  I love this sweet girl!

Can you tell how hard it is to take a picture...neither will look to save our soul!

I have to include these cute pictures of Bryce!  When I was getting him ready Friday morning he was in such a happy mood.  His smiles are becoming a daily thing and I love it!  He really enjoys being on the changing table in the morning.  The room is really bright and he just looks around.  He also is now looking for me when I talk which I love of course!  He recognizes his Mama's voice :)  So Friday I was talking to him and he just had the biggest smiles for me.  I think he was as happy as I was that it was Friday AND that Thanksgiving break was starting.  I am looking forward to next week so much!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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