Saturday, November 22, 2014

Back in Athens! Georgia vs Auburn!

Last Saturday we were finally back in Athens for the Georgia/Auburn game.  We have joked that this year's football schedule went hand in hand with us having Bryce.  There were several home games at the beginning of the season (right up to Bryce's due date!), and then a month's stretch with the Dawgs on the road for away games.  The Dawgs were finally back in Athens for a big game against Auburn and since Bryce is already 1 month old we were geared up and ready to go!  We had a rough start leaving for the game--losing, then finding the parking pass, being raced on the road by a crazy person--but after some laughs we were on our way to Athens.  Alan, Jennifer and Keaton were with us so things are always more fun with good friends!  These big games are always so much fun, even when its 30 degrees outside.  We spent the day with so many friends tailgating and then got to watch an awesome Georgia win!

fun at the Dawg walk

The Haley's!!

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