Friday, June 20, 2014

Kate's 3 Year Check-up & a 23 Week Check-up for Me!

This week was check-up week at our house.  Kate had her 3 year check-up and I had my own doctor's appointment.   This week marked my 23 week...over halfway now!  Cohen has had baton camp this week so we dropped her off at camp and then headed to Athens to my appointment.  Everything is looking great.  Baby's heartbeat was 144.  This is just a little bit slower than what Kate's was at this very same appointment so who knows?!?  I realized that I never posted anything about our big ultrasound so I'll post the picture we got of the baby's face...let the guessing games begin :)  I'm still not a fan of 3D pictures so we only have the one.  We did stand firm on not finding out at the ultrasound though so that was good.  Funny story...on the cruise we were discussing some names at dinner one night and we are stumped more on a boys name so we asked Kate what she would want to name her brother.  She said..."Its not a boy, its a gurl."  So we then asked what she wanted to name her sister, and she replied "Hey boy".  She is so funny sometimes with what she says.   Kate has been to every doctor's appointment with me so far so we have started taking a picture together at them...I want to remember these special moments.

20 weeks...what will it be??
We had plenty of time to run some errands between my appointment and Kate's, and one of them was a stop at Old Navy.  What does Kate love at Old Navy, and any store for that matter...Mannequins!  And Old Navy has the little ones she really likes.

At Kate's appointment she was "perfect"!  She even had the vision test at this appointment and it was so cute watching her call out the shapes.  Here are a few of her stats...we definitely have a bigger girl than what Cohen was, but we knew that already.
Height-37 inches (50-75%)
Weight-35 pounds (75-90%) for BMI she is actually 90-95%

Dr. Setia was not concerned about anything even being in those higher percentiles.  Its such a good example of 2 kids being built so different.  I love it!  We did have a good discussion on potty training pointers.  This is still frustrating.  Kate will go pee pee for you on the potty but its with me putting her on it and keeping up with when to take her which is not fun at all.  To me a child isn't potty trained until they realize they need to go.  I'm really over it to be quite honest.  I've always heard not to push them that they will get it on their own when something clicks.  That is basically what happened with Cohen but its still frustrating.  A friend of mine put it best to me though...she said there are so many things that will frustrate you when they get older, things you do have to worry about, so you will look back and only wish potty training was all you were worried about!  I love that!  Here is my happy, sweet girl at her check-up.  I do hope this new baby will get a little of Kate's personality.  She is so easy going and happy!

I mentioned Cohen had camp this week.  She has loved every minute of her baton, dance, and tumble camp.  She has learned a lot and I know she can hardly wait to be back every week.  She is sad that she doesn't have a competition soon.  We both miss it!  haha!  Here is a silly picture that Ms. Amy took at camp of everyone.  I wish I could post Cohen's performance video that Suzy was so sweet to take for me since I was at the doctor.  Its a little longer so I'll save it.  She did an awesome job though!   She has had a fun fun week.  On top of camp we had a movie day seeing Malificent.  She really loved the movie...just not the loudness of it which is typical Cohen.  She is not big on loud noises!  We are now in full summer mode!

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