Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last Weekend-Waifs, Runs, and Frogs!

I got so busy this week that I forgot to do my short post about our weekend last weekend!  We had lots of fun with friends!  On Friday Jessica came down from Charlotte for a quick visit.   We always love a visit and we had fun catching up with her.  We are on the countdown to her wedding next month in the Bahamas!  Friday we just hung out and went out to dinner.  Saturday we kept her busy until she left :)  I had a 5K that Saturday morning with my running girls and since Stacey was in the middle of moving she wasn't going to be able to run after all.  Since she had already signed up I asked Jessica if she would like to do it and she said she Jessica (aka Stacey) ran her first 5K in the big city of Lavonia!  I'm glad I got to run with her!  It was a hot one too.  This girl is on the slow down with this hot weather and the ever growing baby bump.  It was a fun morning though and we felt very accomplished when it was over!

After we ran we got ready and loaded up to go to Athens.  Us and the Harbin's had a fun lunch at the Mellow Mushroom then went to celebrate Sam's 5th birthday at Aerofit in Athens.  I think we gave Jessica her kid fill for the day :)  The kids loved having a yummy pizza lunch then had a blast jumping it off at the party.  It was a lot of fun.  When we got back home Jessica had to head on back to NC.  We all loved our visit though!  That night we had another fun birthday party to go to.  It was a surprise birthday for our friend Natalie.  We also were enjoying our annual frog party too!  The party was at Alan & Jennifer's and we had so much fun.  The kids all ran and played while the adults got some time in to ourselves too.  Kate of course was all excited to catch frogs once it got dark.  It is crazy how this girl loves frogs!  By the time we let the frogs race she had squeezed hers to death, and it was too bad because she and Kelly had found a real bullfrog who could have really jumped.  Oh well, she loved it regardless!  Cohen who isn't as into frogs wanted her picture made holding one and held the frog for a split second.  Funny girls!
Kate & Autumn were having fun with the cat

Cohen was spending the night with Josie so these girls went on to bed.  We stayed just talking forever and when we finally were leaving, the last 2 kids standing were Kate & Autumn...these 2 are a mess.  I think this was well after 12:30!

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