Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cohen's First Dentist Appointment

I probably look like an awful mom admitting that I'm just now taking my daughter for her first dentist appointment.  It has been one of those things I've been meaning to do for so long and finally we got it done!  I made the appointment and never told Cohen a thing about it.  She gets so anxious about any kind of doctor visit and I knew this would be the same.  Her appointment was this week on Tuesday.  I had my mom sit with Kate while we went and Cohen had heard me say she had an appointment.  She kept asking what kind and I would never answer.  She would say "I'm so nervous about my appointment" but I only would assure her it was not a doctor and no shots were going to be involved.  We pulled up to the dentist's office and it is right beside our church here in town.  She said, "hmm, I've never been here before."  I got out and went around to her door to get her out.  About that time she looked at me and said, "Is this the dentist?"  I just had to laugh and asked her how did she know that.  Well she immediately started to cry and said, "I don't want to be here."  I carried her in and after promising her it would not be painful nor would she get a shot she started to be ok with it.  She had several questions but most were about braces and I told her again that she was no where near the age for braces and that an orthodontist did those not our dentist.  When it was her turn she was ready.  Mostly ready to pick out the flavor of toothpaste which I had also told her about.  She was already wanting bubblegum.  She did fantastic!  They did her x-ray and cleaning and she was so brave.  I kept telling her how good she was doing and only once did she look at me and said "I want to go home."  She was excited to get a goodie bag when she was finished and got a red toothbrush for Georgia.  She was pretty excited and couldn't wait to get back to our house to tell Bebe how brave she was.  I told her  that her teeth were sparkling like glitter and I even saw sparkles and that really thrilled her.  She was worried that the "sparkles" would go away when she ate but I told her they wouldn't.   I was so proud of her and like I thought, she had beautiful teeth.  She is a little ahead of schedule which means her 6 year molars may start coming through soon but other than that she was good.  No wigglies just yet but they think it could be soon when the bottom teeth start to loosen.  I love her teeth so I'm dreading that.  They are so straight, and I only hope we can be half that lucky with the permanent ones!

Getting her x-ray

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  1. Way to go, Cohen!! Bless her heart for being so scared, but sounds like she did great.