Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A weekend with the waifs and sweet Kate is now 8 weeks new!

We spent this past weekend in NC with some of my favorite friends!  We all got together at Tara & Gordy's house and got to meet new babies and have fun together.  Of course we had to get a little shopping in along the way too!  
Both Kelly and I and Michael and Amy have new babies.  Amy and I were pregnant together with Cohen and Kaden (who are exactly 4 weeks apart) and were pregnant together again this time around and our babies are 3 weeks apart.  We couldn't have planned it better if we tried :) I only wish I was around her the entire pregnancy this time.  It was so fun meeting Mr. Ashton and having them meet Kate.  I am posting a picture of Ashton and Kate laying together and the same picture of Kaden and Cohen when they were close to the same age.   It is so fun to compare and even more fun to have kids who are the same age.  
I also got to introduce Kate to Tina and Grace who "rode their bikes" down from Pennsylvania.   Tara and Jessica had came down when Kate was 2 weeks old but they got to see how much she has changed in 6 weeks.  Cohen loved seeing everyone!  She had Grace read to her over and over and couldn't have been happier.  She also LOVED Tara's 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I'm still hearing how she misses Patches and Bentley! What was real funny was watching Cohen go in and out of the doggy door instead of opening the door up. I happen to see her doing it and had the camera ready the next time she went outside so I could snap her going through the "doggy" door.  She constantly cracks me up!  Tina heard Cohen telling Grace that she thought Kaden was cute so now we have a close watch on those 2!  I think Kelly is already keeping a real close eye on them :)  As you can imagine, there was not a dull moment all day.  I can only imagine how quiet it was at Tara and Gordy's house on Sunday when everyone was gone!
We really enjoyed seeing everyone.  We are now looking forward to our next get together which is in a month at the beach when Tara and Gordy get married!

Tina and Kate

Ashton & Kate

Sweet babies...Ashton is 3 weeks older than Kate

This is Cohen & Kaden at similar ages.  Time sure flies!!  Do you see a resemblance??

Using the "doggy" door instead of opening it herself

Cohen & Tara

Talking to Ashton

Both girls loving on Tara

Kate is now 8 weeks old, and I can't believe it!  She is absolutely PERFECT and I can't love on her enough.  She is so good.  At 8 weeks she still does not take a paci and doesn't need one!  When she cries it normally has to do with her being hungry.  She has to be the most laid back baby girl ever.   She is awake a lot more now and smiles more and more.  She is a morning girl!  She is so happy in the morning.  Cohen is still in love with her too.  She has started trying to pick her up so I have to watch that.  She always wants to "see her eyes" and wants me to "talk to her".  I just love my girls so much!  I'm very entertained for sure!  I think I'm doing pretty good at adapting to two girls and hopefully the balancing of time is getting their too :)
Smiling on Mama!

Love my girls!


My loves!

Talking to each other :)

She is never lacking any love!

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  1. Precious pics., Ashleigh; the girls are beautiful, just like their mom!