Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I'll call you buddy"

Last night, when Cohen and I got home from church, I was making her a sandwich and we were having a conversation when Cohen stopped and out of the blue asked me if I was Mrs. Ashleigh.  She hears the kids at church and preschool call me that and she knows that next year I will be her teacher at preschool.  I'm still wondering how that is going to work for us, but we'll see.  So I told her that I would be Mrs. Mama Ashleigh for her.  She seemed to really think this over and then just looked right at me so seriously and said, "I'll just call you buddy".   I just laughed, which only made her laugh too.  I had to snap a picture since my camera was right there, sandwich in her teeth and all!  She is such a funny girl all the time.

She also wanted me to take her picture holding her leprechaun that we had made.  She loves to do anything that involves me painting her hand.  She was very proud.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Showing off her "hand" leprechaun

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