Thursday, March 17, 2011

27 weeks update!

I am now 27 weeks and I am really feeling pregnant for sure!  I went last week for my glucose test and check up and everything is looking good.  This baby girl is really moving and active.  I love that feeling and it is still amazing to be sitting still and your shirt be bouncing around!  Even though I've done this once before, I still find myself looking in the mirror and wondering how in the world can my belly get any bigger!  I know its coming though:)  I am taking extra iron now because my hemoglobin was very low.  Not surprising to me since we always joke that I have "no blood" since I'm always cold!   I am a warm weather girl through and through so this spring weather can't come fast enough.  Here is a picture taken last week at 26 weeks.  I would like to think I haven't grown in a week but looking at this makes me pretty sure I have :)
26 weeks

We have been working hard to get the girls' rooms ready.  Cohen is officially in her "big girl" room.  She is sleeping in the big bed and everything.  I just sat and stared at her sleeping the other night and thought how fast she was growing up.  Yes, I had to shed a tear on that one too.  We were talking at work the other day and said how good it is that we don't know while we're doing things that this will be the last time we do them.  I didn't know when Cohen would sleep her last night in her baby bed and I'm glad.  I'm too sentimental over things like that, and pregnancy only adds to that!  We took this picture of her getting ready for bed.  I just love her room!  I think it is perfect for her and something she will enjoy for a while.
Loving her new bed!

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  1. You look amazing!!!! Can't believe you are already 27 weeks.