Friday, August 19, 2016

Kate's First Day of Preschool

Kate had her first day of school on Monday.  To quote her, she was "so so so so so so so so so so so so so so excited."  Her open house had been the Tuesday before so she had a little wait before the first day of school.   This will be her last year at First Friends which I can't even think about right now.  She was so happy to see her friends from last year and really excited about the new friends joining the class this year.  This year Nolan and Bentley were starting First Friends.  She also knew Jax.  All 3 being boys, but Kate was thrilled.  I'm excited about Kate having my friend Amy as her teacher and I'm looking forward to a fun year!  Every day this week Kate has jumped right up out of bed ready for school.  I'm so glad she is a morning person and wakes up happy.  Her big sister takes a little more pushing.  This year she goes every day but so far she is handling that well too.  We pick Nolan up every day and this week he has stayed with us twice which she really loves!  These two have played and played.  I love their conversations and I'm sure I'll have a few to write about as the year goes on.  They say the funniest stuff.  Off to a good start for our Kate!

Kate and Nolan!

These 3 are going to have a lot of fun!

One last look through the window

Someone needed his own picture taken too...1st day of mornings with mama

Amy sent me this picture of these 2 playing with the legos!

While the girls are at school, Bryce and I have to have our daily golf cart ride.  He will bring me my sunglasses and say "gol car".  I love some special one on one time with him too!

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