Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cohen Gets Baptized!

This weekend was just a big weekend all around.  School started on Friday and on Sunday it was so special because Cohen was baptized.  Its hard to find the words to say just what a special feeling it is. It is one of the best and most important decisions anyone can make and even though a lot of years and mistakes lie ahead of her, the foundation has been laid and I know my sweet girl loves Jesus and has Him in her heart.  Cohen has been wanting to be baptized for a while now and we wanted to be sure she was ready and understood the importance of her decision.  After many talks and prayers with her we knew she was ready.  Each year our church has a cook-out at the lake and does baptism at the lake.  Cohen wanted her baptism to be at the lake so Sunday was the day.  Cohen and Kate got to have some playtime beforehand and enjoyed swimming in the lake and playing putt-putt.  Bryce was in his element too.   He got to walk around with Pop to talk to everyone, eat (his favorite pastime), and then swim in the lake.   I thought he may be hard to get out of the lake for the baptism itself but he did good.  He did start to swim out right in the middle of Cohen's turn!  He also started drinking the lake water causing him to cough.  A big thanks to my friend Amy who watched it all go down and walked out in the water to get him.  I needed a picture of him with her.  She even got her own pants wet getting him.  He is a mess!  His older sister Kate didn't help, she was splashing about a lot herself!   It was so hot at the lake, but later on as the sun was going down it started to feel good and always provides such a pretty background to such a special event.

Josie carrying Bryce down to the lake

You can see Bryce in his blue floatie surrounded by the girls...he will appreciate that one of these days!

Cohen and Josie were playing matchmakers between Kate and Brandon.

All the kids lining up to watch the baptism...ducks in a row!
 Kelly is on the baptismal committee for the deacons so he was helping everyone get in and out of the water.  This was him and Cohen waiting for her turn.  Savannah was baptized right before Cohen and they were watching her.  I think Cohen was a little nervous and was asking how she was supposed to be dunked and what she would do.

Cohen's baptism was even more special because her Pop was the one to baptize her.


I love her smile here

Cohen & Kori twirl together and Cohen looks up to her so much!  So special that they both got to share this event together too!

And afterwards it was more swimming fun in the lake!  These girls had a blast running in the lake!

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