Sunday, March 27, 2016

Georgia State Twirling Competition

Last weekend Cohen had her 2nd competition of the year in Jesup, GA.  This competition is a weekend away for us because it is a long drive down.  We headed down on Friday once Kelly was home and got to our hotel around 9:00.  I knew Cohen had an early morning so I really wanted to get her settled in pretty quick.  Of course they were excited to finally be out of the car and really excited to ride on the hotel luggage cart. Since the elevator had mirrors on both sides we had to take a silly selfie!

Saturday we had to be at the gym at 8:00 so Cohen and I rode over with our friends Shelley and Baylie.  The girls started their day with modeling then had a break which actually turned into a long break!  We did a lot of sitting and waiting.  Cohen was 8th out of 24 in her modeling which was awesome.  She had some great routines through out the entire day, including a no drop solo and a no drop 2 baton solo!  I think out of all of her solos she had maybe 2 drops total.  That was a great job and I love watching her hard work pay off.  She was 3rd place in her open and state strut, 5th in her state solo, and 4th in her 2 baton.  I was very proud of this little twirler!  It was such a long day and we didn't end up leaving the gym until after 11:00!

 Practicing away

A big thank you to my sweet friend Mandy for getting these pictures of Cohen during one of her routines.

On the ride back to our hotel it didn't take these girls long to conk out!  Shelley and I had to get a picture!  I think they were even too tired to, not that tired but close ;)

Now while Cohen and I were at the competition all day, Kelly and Kate had a little fun of their own at the Okeefenokee Swamp.  Kelly took Kate to the park at the swamp so our little animal lover could maybe see some wildlife!  She did indeed see alligators and snakes and her favorite...those wild baby chicks!  It doesn't take anything exotic to please her.  Hubby sent me some sweet pictures during the day and I know she was enjoying their day!

We got up Sunday morning to make the long drive home.  One good thing about the drive home was that right around lunch time we were coming through Washington, GA and we decided to stop at Cade's for lunch.  We had eaten at this local restaurant last year going to a competition and it is seriously delicious.  If you love home cooked meals, this is the place to stop.  I have a picture of the girls there on our first visit so we had to get another on this one.

Most of the ride before lunch looked like this...Cohen fast asleep and Kate just using her as an arm rest.  A big thanks to Suzy, Sug, Pop, and Bebe for watching Bryce and Dooley for us while we were gone!

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