Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Competition Season Begins!

Last weekend began our 2016 Baton competition season.  We started with the Bulldog Classic competition in Athens.  I always look forward to starting competitions and so does Cohen.  She was excited to perform her routines and very excited to wear her new costume.  Cohen moved up in her age group this year so we knew she was going to have a lot of older, very good girls to go against and we were definitely right.  I told Cohen to hang in there that she is such a good twirler herself and not to be intimidated by some of these older girls.  She also will be in this older position in a couple of years.  I was so proud of her though.  She had a very large group and was still 9th place for the overall Miss Bulldog Classic title.  Not far out of that top 5.  I know the first competition is always a hard one...getting back into everything.  She was 5th place in her open strut and 6th place in her 2 baton.  She also did place 2nd in beginner basic skills title.  A good start to this season for sure!  So proud of her and all the ATRM girls!
Early morning start

Interview during modeling

Proud of our ATRM family!

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