Sunday, February 14, 2016

Circus Fun and Happy Valentine's

Friday was Cohen's 2nd grade field trip to the circus.  I always love getting some one on one time with my Coco.  Dawn and I rode together to Atlanta and met the kids there.  They had to ride the bus there.  We got there and got seated just in time for the show to start.  I had not been to the circus in I can't tell you when!  It was very entertaining for sure and I think all the kids were amazed at some of the tricks they saw.  This happens to be the last year to see the elephants at the circus.

The kids got to leave with us so we had lunch at Moe's on the way home.  The kids decided they wanted to sit by themselves so they could have their own conversation instead of listening to the "adult conversation".  We laughed at hearing that and of course snapped this cute picture of them.  

The one bad thing about the field trip falling on this particular Friday was that I had to miss Kate's Valentine's party at school.  Sug was picking her up for me and was able to go to her party.  She sent this cute picture of Kate with all her Valentine's goodies.

We did the same Valentine's for Kate this year that we had did for Cohen at this same age.  I took her picture and we taped suckers to it to make it look like Kate was holding the sucker.  I thought she was super cute in this picture ;)

Kelly and I had a great Valentine's weekend.  Sug and Pop had volunteered to keep all the grandkids on Friday so we had date night.  We had dinner and saw a movie.  On Saturday night the girls went to stay with  Bebe and Bryce went to Suzy's for a few hours while Kelly and I had a night out with our friends Alan & Jennifer.  Its always a lot of fun to go out with friends and we had a great time.  And today (Valentine's Day) we took my mama to lunch and visited with my nanny.  We played games with the girls and enjoyed some time at home.  I have to say that it was 12 years ago today that Hubby got down on one knee!  It was a great weekend and a great start to our winter break.  The alarms are off for a week!  We have a fun trip coming later on in the week but until then we are going to enjoy not being on a schedule and maybe some playdates!  Cohen is already enjoying a sleepover with Josie!
My Valentine 
game fun with our little Valentines

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