Friday, November 20, 2015

Superhero Run

Last Saturday the girls and I did the CASA Superhero 5k and fun run.  I love that I can take both girls along with me to these 5ks.  Cohen gets so excited about them and begs to do the actual 5k vs. just the 1 mile fun run.  I know she could do it at her own pace but I don't feel comfortable with her on a course by herself.  I do love her enthusiasm though and hopefully when she's older we can do some together!  Kate is not quite as enthusiastic but she did agree to do it and wanted to.  She is also like me in the fact that when it comes time to get out of the bed on a Saturday we are not so excited.  It was also a chilly morning but it did warm up.  Dawn was here to pick us up at 7:50!  The fun run was at 8:30.  We had the kids doing this one and Dawn and I were doing the 5k.  The girls had been excited to wear their superhero shirts.  I was super proud of them both for running the entire race.  I don't think it was quite a mile because as you can see from Cohen's time she was finished in 5 minutes.  Either she is way faster than I thought or it was a little less.  Based on what I could tell from the 5k, the fun run was over half a mile but not quite a full mile.  Either way I was so proud of them both.  Even Kate ran most of it!  Grace and Eliza Kate ran with Kate and said she wanted to be carried a couple of times but Grace didn't hold her but for a second and then had her down running again.  Everyone got a medal after crossing the finish line which they both loved!  I have caught Kate wearing hers several times this week!

As you can see Kate wasn't going along with Cohen's idea to jump for the picture


Cohen coming across the finish line

Here comes kate!

Next up it was time for Dawn and I to run!  It is so pretty running through the park and it did start to warm up which was a big help.  Of course we warm up too when we are running 3 miles!  And to top it off I was 1st in my age group and Dawn 2nd.  A pretty good run for us I would say :)

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