Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bryce 13 Months

Well little man is over a year old now!  He is one active, happy little boy.  Having 3 kids I'm always busy with each one but Bryce is very busy and into everything.  Most people tell me, "that is a little boy."  Kate was into everything too so it brings back a lot of memories with her.  He loves to climb and a fall doesn't stop him from doing it all over again.  He hasn't started walking yet but this week he did start taking several steps at a time.  He is now taking more and more each day so I could really say he is a walker now.  By next month's post he will be all over the place!  He also still has no teeth. Now this doesn't stop him from eating.  This boy wants to eat 24/7!  I could feed him and 5 minutes later sit down to eat myself and you better believe he is right there with me ready to get whatever I'm eating!
One of the cutest things to watch is Bryce with his sisters.  Specifically Kate because she is home with him during the day.  In the morning he is always excited to see her and they play together.  She thinks she is a little mama to him and likes to pick him up, tell him no, pretty much have him do whatever she wants.  He is not so eager to obey to her every command and will squeal out in protest.  I love her love for him though.  Recently we were at Wal-Mart and I had Bryce in his car seat in the bottom of the cart and Kate sitting in the front of the cart.  Kate turns to Bryce to hand him something and then says "your welcome kid."  I can't help but laugh at her.   We just had Bryce's 1 year wellness visit this week and here were his 1 year stats:

Length:  29 1/4
Weight:  22 lbs 2 oz
Head Cir.:  19 1/2

Bryce LOVED Dr. Setia and wanted to be held by him the entire time.  I could only laugh at him.  Dr. Setia told him he was "awesome".

Bryce has started to say a few more words this month too.  His favorite would be "Bye".  He also continues to point at Dooley and every other dog and say "Dooo".  I think he thinks all dogs are Dooleys.  He now will point to all the lights in the house and say "Laaaa".  I know more words are going to be added over the next few months.  He is learning so much each day.  He loves to go outside and half the time he says "Bye" he is wanting to go outside.  Tina gave him a new tricycle that we can steer for him right now and he LOVES it.  I'm pretty sure he could stay on it all day.  That and the golf cart.
Another big event for Bryce this month was his first haircut!  He was in need of a trim since he was about to have a little mullet going on.  With the help of some puffs he sat and was happy to have it trimmed.  He loves to have his hair brushed and will pick up his brush and start to brush his hair.  

Here are some of our pictures over the past month.  I even took some of Bryce when I did the preschool pictures.  I love that big "gummy" smile!

Bluest eyes!

climbing in his walker

Ready for his haircut!

the after shot

He also loves his tractor! 

 Kate loves the tractor too, so she prefers that Bryce sit in her lap!

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