Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fair & Festival Fun

This past weekend was the Carnesville fall festival.  It sure didn't feel like fall outside at all but we did enjoy all the festivities that come along with it.  My girls LOVE the little fair that Carnesville does each year.  I think this is the 3rd year they have done it and it is perfect for kids.  Cohen will ask me about it throughout the year and when will it be time for it to come again.  I didn't tell her until Friday morning that it was finally here again and that we would be going that night.  It sure helped get her out of bed that morning!  We were going with the Harbin's and we decided to all go eat at the Mexican restaurant first then walk down to the festival.   We got these cute pictures of Keyes and Cohen and Elliott and Kate after we ate.

We all then headed down to the fair and the kids were off to ride all the rides as soon as we could get their bracelets on them.  We met up with more friends at the fair and just made it a fun night for everybody.  The big kids were riding all the rides as fast as they could.  They went from the big swings to the ferris wheel to the teacups!  There were also blow up obstacle courses and slides.  I tried to walk back and forth between both girls and I loved watching their faces.  They had so much fun!  Kate was all about riding every ride she could too.  Kingsley was like a little mama with her and would hold her hand and make sure she was coming to ride.  They are so cute.  It was a lot of fun for everybody.  We ended the night letting the kids have snow cones and listening to the band play.  I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night-having fun with friends!  
bad lighting but this was Kingsley & Kate riding together

Cohen, Elliott, & Keyes riding the big ferris wheel.  They can barely see over the rail

4 Sillies!
Saturday was more fun at fall festivals.  Cohen started the day off performing at the Carnesville fall festival.  The competition girls at her studio performed their solo routines.  She was excited to get to wear her costume and perform.  This was the first "performance" since her recital.  All the girls did great!  I love watching all of them.  It was already unbelievably hot that morning though!  No fall weather here.  Being pregnant probably magnified it for me too!

Later that afternoon we had the Danielsville fall festival and BOTH girls performed.  This was with the entire dance studio so it was group routines and Cohen got to do her solo again.  Kate has a little dance class she is taking this year so it was her very first performance.  Kelly and I both got a kick out of watching her.  We are convinced she is probably going to be our little ball player, but who knows.  She does enjoy her dancing and loves to dance here at home but she also loves to kick and throw a ball so it will be fun to watch her when she is old enough to play soccer or something too.  In the meantime we will love watching her dance!  She was so cute standing up there with all the other little girls.  They danced to a Frozen song so I'm sure that helps!  You can tell from the pictures below when she found Cohen and I in the crowd.  We had moved up front for this routine so I could see her good and Kelly stood to the side to video her.  They were all too too cute!  Cohen did a great job too! Kelly took a few pictures from the side of her but you couldn't see her too well so I'll just post hers from Carnesville.  During her group performance I just enjoyed watching and didn't take a picture.  We were proud of both of our girls!

And she spotted us!!  There's a smile!

She was so proud to see us watching her!

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  1. I love keeping up with y'all on the blog and Cohen looks so adorable in her twirling costume! I know you are proud of her!