Friday, July 26, 2013

Kate's 2 Year Check-Up & an Early Birthday Party

I have neglected my blog lately!  We have been so busy, and were on vacation.  Before we left for vacation, we finally had Kate's official 2 year check up.    We did make it a fun day as well!  We started out meeting Aunt Sara, Savannah, and Addison at Pump It Up for their preschool playtime.  Cohen had really wanted to do this again this summer, and even though it is a short time period, it really is just enough and she loves it.  It amazes me to see how different she is from one year to the next.  We came here last summer and while she had a blast, she had to warm up to some of the slides.  This year it was full speed ahead.  She and Savannah bounced from bounce house to bounce house sliding, climbing, and laughing the whole time!  Kate and Addison loved it too!  I was very surprised to see Kate climbing the stairs to the tall slide right when we walked in.  About halfway up though she turned looking for me and by this time there was a line of kids waiting behind her.  I sent Cohen up to help her but at the top Cohen just slid on down on her own with Kate watching everyone slide down.  She was not showing a sign of coming on her own.  Luckily, we knew some friends there and he slid on down with his daughter and Kate.  Thanks Brad!  I went down with Kate several more times and she loved it, but she didn't want to go on her own, she wanted me or Aunt Sara to go with her.  She did enjoy the bounce house with the balls in it.  It was a fun play date for sure!  Here is the one picture I snapped of the big girls between slides!
After we left Pump It Up, we met Nana for lunch at Em's Kitchen.  We always love seeing Emily and Uncle Davis at Em's, not to mention the delicious food!  It was fun seeing Nana too and the girls really enjoyed it.  After lunch we headed for our appointment with Dr. Setia.  As we thought, he said Kate was "perfect".   Here are her stats at 2 yrs 1 month:

Height-32 1/2 (50th percentile)
Weight-28 lbs  (75th percentile)
HC-19 1/4  (50th percentile)

We ran some more errands in Athens then headed home.  We headed over to Sug & Pop's house for an early birthday party for me!  Another yummy meal!  Everything was fabulous and I really enjoyed it.  Sug always knows how to make your birthday special!  Here was the yummy banana pudding she made with the candle on it!

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