Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, Nanny!

This past Sunday was my grandmother's 80th birthday.  This is my Dad's mom.  We are full of birthdays in February in our family. Cohen and my cousin Bryan share a birthday on the 6th, my Nanny was 80 on the 13th, and next Monday my mom and my uncle Philip (my Daddy's brother) will both celebrate their birthdays.  Its a big one for my Mama :)
We had a great day seeing all the family and celebrating with Nanny.  Everyone went to church together and then had a big lunch.  I think she enjoyed it very much and of course I had to share a couple of photos!
My Nanny, Suzy, and Philip

Mama, Nanny, Suzy, and Philip

Nanny with her grandchildren

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