Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Fun at Preschool!

Its no secret that December is full of fun!  At preschool that is even more true.  There are so many fun things going on and activities taking place.  December keeps us moms busy and on the go but I don't think I would trade a minute of it.  One of the first things Kate got to have was Polar Express Day.  Mrs. Margaret came to read the book and then the kids got to have hot chocolate and make a lantern.  I had to take Bryce with me this particular day.  During the story he played in another room but he came out and enjoyed the cupcakes afterward, or should I say he enjoyed the cupcake icing.

 These 2 are the best of friends!

 I think Bryce really liked his cupcake!

Another fun day for Kate was Snack with Santa!  Santa came to see all the kids and they also had another special visitor, Mr. Grinch!  While I took some pictures of the kids with Santa, they got to have a snack and then make their way to all the fun stations which included games, crafts, hoo hair, and making reindeer food.  I think Mr. Grinch made Santa look like an angel.  I was waiting for someone to have a meltdown with Santa but they all did so good.  I know they were pretty hesitant with Mr. Grinch though.  I convinced Kate to go talk with him by having Nolan go with her.  Best friends make everything less scary.  She cracked my up because the first thing she asked him was why he stole all of those presents.  She has since asked me if Mr. Grinch was real.  At least he convinced her he had changed his ways.  I love seeing things through a child's eyes!

 Kate was really telling Santa something...probably very specific on the animals she wants!

Jax, Kate, and Nolan had some fun in the photo booth
There is still more partying and fun to do this week before school is out for Christmas! I love it! I'll end this post with Kate and Nolan dabbing for me at lunch one day...you never know what these 2 are going to do!

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