Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I can't tell you how glad I was that Halloween fell on Monday this year.  With the Georgia/Florida game always falling the last weekend in October, that sometimes can mean missing Halloween activities which I do not like to do.  I am a lover of all things Halloween!  I was also glad because that meant that I wouldn't miss any Halloween activities at preschool.  Since Halloween was on a Monday Kate had her Halloween party and trunk or treat at school that day.  My kids had gotten a lot of wear out of their Halloween costumes by the time the actual day rolled around and they got to wear their costumes to school so it was one last day to get all the fun out of it they could possibly get!  We started our fun at First Friends with Kate's party.  Because Kate was a tiger for Halloween I had to quickly throw together a trunk or treat idea and went with a zoo theme.  Kate has enough animals to start her own zoo so I had plenty of "animals" to use.  Earlier in the morning they had got to make slime at school and Amy had sent me some pictures of Kate with it.  She had been unsure at first but then really loved it.

Sug and Pop participated in Trunk-or-treat too and their costumes were great!  They were Thing 1 and Thing 2!

Bryce just took it all in...with a sucker of course

The other animals had been pushed aside so the zoo was gone...but these 2 are truly our real life zoo!

 Cohen had a Halloween snack at school but parents were not included so I didn't get to see any of her school fun.  Its so sad that once the kids head to elementary school all the fun is cut out.  This Mom is not a fan of that at all.
Baton and tumbling was canceled so we could celebrate Halloween and trick-or-treat.  We all rode our golf cart to Sara and Adam's house.  We all ate together then went trick-or-treating.  Most all of the houses on her street have trick-or-treaters so we had a fun time doing that.  Even Bryce got in on all the fun.  He learned real quick that he could pick out his favorite candy at each house.  The problem was that he wanted to eat it all right there!

Bryce & his friend Jaxton.  Both boys were firefighters.

After we got back all the candy had to be sorted!

Cohen & Brody...can't believe how these 2 are growing so fast!
Kate loved showing me her drink that had an eyeball & spider in it!

I love all the fun that's associated with Halloween.  The food that can be made is so much fun too!  I think I love all things fall which includes Halloween.  We had such a fun time with our family and friends!
The week before Halloween was when Cohen got to celebrate at dance.  She always has a lot of fun at the studio with all of her friends!

Cohen cracked me up when she put on someone's mask...I feel like this a lot of days by the end of the day!

Sweet Maggie came by to see the girls!

I took Kate to story time at the library last week too.  The week's theme was Monster Mash so the kids got to have a little party.  I try to take her every so often because this is the last year I can do it.  I tried not to think that this was our last story time at Halloween.  I am not ready to face that fact!

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