Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The End of a Great School Year

I am a lover of all things summer and we are in full swing of enjoying it all right now, but it was a little bittersweet to see the end of such a great school year.  Kate finished up another year with Mrs. Lori at First Friends and Cohen finished up 2nd grade!  For Cohen that is halfway through elementary school!  How is it that the years are going by so much faster now that she is in school??  And that trickles down to my babies too!   It was sad ending this year with Kate because she has been with Mrs. Lori for 2 years now.  Kate finished up her school year on May 13 which was a few days before Cohen.  It was actually on the Friday that Cohen had field day so I spent my morning with Kate at her end of the year picnic, then my afternoon with Cohen at field day.  I love days like this when I can spend time with both girls and see them interact at school.  Kate had a picnic at First Friends along with water fun.  I did have Bryce with me at Kate's picnic and he loved the water fun as well.  He kept sticking his tongue out on the slip-n-slide to try to drink the water.  Kate was having the most fun with the little water guns.  It was a beautiful day to be outside and we had a fun time playing and picnicking!

These girls love their Sugie!
Just the night before the picnic was the 4 year old graduation.  Addison "graduated" from First Friends and we took this sweet picture of her and Kate.  I know Kate is going to be so lost with her next year.

It was on to field day after Kate's picnic.  Cohen was so excited for field day.  The kids got really wet and had a lot of laughs.  I was helping the PTO with snow cones so I would watch her in between classes getting their snow cones.
Cohen and her sweet friend Alice

Her friend Josie got her with a little water while playing one of the games :)
The next Tuesday was awards day for Cohen.  This year the younger grades did awards in the classroom which was more intimate and it was fun being with Cohen and her classmates.  Mrs. Shaver had prepared a slideshow which I love.  It was pictures from the entire school year.  It made this Mama get a little teary.  Mrs. Shaver had candy bar awards to give out and Cohen received the Hershey's Kiss award for her "sweet character and thoughtful nature".  I'm just glad to hear she is sweet and caring at school to all of her friends and classmates!  She also received the Young Author award for the being the school's 2nd grade winner.  We were so proud of her.  She won this award for the entire county last year and we were excited that she was the school winner again for this year.

After the awards Cohen left with us and was able to go to story time at the library.  I always love getting to take her back with me because we started going when she wasn't quite 2 years old!  That was a special thing I did with just her and she loved it and still does!  Bryce actually paid a little bit of attention to the book this time!  He is indeed a different beast at story time!

I can't believe another year has come and gone.  It's true what everyone tells you, you blink and the year is over.  We are so thankful to everyone who helped make this year such a great one!

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