Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Camping With Sug & Pop

The girls got a fun start to their summer with a camping trip with Sug and Pop.  They got to camp at Tugalo State Park and they had a blast!  We all went over for the night and grilled out while they kids rode bikes and played in the lake.  Even Bryce loved playing in the lake.  We had to watch him though because he wanted to drink the water a little too much!  It was so nice to be outside and felt really good too.  Later that night Kelly, Bryce and I went home while the girls stayed to camp all night.  They couldn't wait to sleep in the tent and when I picked them up the next morning Sug and Pop said they all did great.  I know they had a blast and will be wanting more camping trips.

 Singing songs with Sug

someone is about to bust their diaper

trying to drink the water

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