Tuesday, February 14, 2017

100 Days of School

Recently Kate celebrated her 100th day of school at First Friends.  Since the 4 year olds go every day they get to celebrate this fun day and to celebrate they all got to dress up as 100 year olds!  I was pretty excited to get to do this.  You see so many schools doing it now or only preschools and kindergarten I should say.  That is when fun is still allowed.  Cohen never did so I was excited to get to dress up my sweet Kate as a sweet Granny.  She usually is not into any kind of dress up when it might draw attention to her.  And I think at first she told Mrs. Amy that she wouldn't be doing it but once we talked about it and she saw the fun "old" glasses she would be wearing she was a little more ready.  By the time the day came she was excited to be "an old granny".  And I have to say, she was the cutest little Granny!  I even did some wrinkle lines for her!  I had to share my sweet little Kate!  If this is what 100 looked like we wouldn't hesitate to grow old now would we?!

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