Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break trip and Baby Addison! (a little overdue)

I am way way behind on updating our blog.  I feel so busy lately, like I will never catch up.  I think between the end of the school year and getting ready for a baby it has gotten to me.  Not to mention I have had quite a few picture sessions, but that is fun so I can't complain!
Over spring break we visited one of our favorite places, Hilton Head!  It was so nice to be at the beach.  Cohen is just like me, she loves the beach!  Any time of the year.  We had such a fun time riding bikes, playing on the beach (the water was still very cold though), and Cohen even played putt-putt for the first time.  She loved it!  It was a fun time for us and we all knew that this would probably be our last beach trip before our new little princess comes.
This week I am 33 weeks so we are in planning mode big time!  I am so ready.  I think after the 30 week mark I am done!  I'm not only ready to see her sweet face, but I'm ready to wear cute clothes again!  Cohen is very excited to see her baby sister especially now that she has had a chance to meet her new cousin, Addison, who by the way is absolutely precious!  We have all got baby fever after holding her.  I will have some newer pictures of her to post soon b/c you know her Aunt Ashleigh has taken some sweet pictures of her.  We had a fun session last week where we would take pictures in between me loving all over her :)  Hopefully I will get caught up and updated very soon, but who knows...:)
Playing in the sand

Dancing in the water

Posing and being silly.  What she does best!

Cohen loves watermelon.  She had a whole one by herself while we were there!

Cohen & Daddy

Playing putt-putt

Addison was attached to her fingers :)

She was in love with her new baby cousin

Precious Addison

Proud Uncle Kelly

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